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Unread 03-24-2009, 07:53 AM   #1

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Motorcycle(s): 2001 Yamaha R1 (Sold), 2006 Yamaha R1 - Blue (Wrecked), 2006 Yamaha R1 - Yellow, 2016 Yamaha R1
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Internet Community Forum Rules

  1. You should behave here and treat others, as you would face to face. Please exercise common sense and judgment. If you have doubts about posting something, DON’T.

  2. Respect for other club members. You don’t have to agree with us but we own the place and make the rules. We will also respect your right to not think or believe in the same things we do, but you will abide by our rules if you wish to post here and be part of this Internet community. Paying members have voting rights in this motorcycle club and registered users do not.

  3. Debates and Arguments are normal, but you will be expected to keep it civil. We will not tolerate threads or posts started with the sole purpose of inciting a flame war or defaming another member. If you feel the need to be more direct with your comments, you should converse directly through a Private Message (PM). These threads and posts will be deleted.

  4. We do not allow linking to other motorcycle clubs forum sites or to other sites in an effort to drive traffic away from our community. We like it here and if we wanted to be over there we would. These threads will be deleted.

  5. Signatures – Out of respect for our sponsors and potential sponsors linking to websites that could potentially draw traffic away from sponsors of Redline Superbike is strictly prohibited. Any links in signatures will be removed without notification to the user.

  6. Spamming - Abuse of RedlineSuperbike.com to send unsolicited or bulk messages indiscriminately in anyway (forum posts or private messaging) will be reviewed by moderators, deleted and users permanently banned.

  7. Anything Goes - This forum is just that rules above will still be adhered to. You should expect to find, off topic, senseless, mindless, political thinkers, religious advocates and sometimes meaningless downright silly posts of information here. If this is going to bother you, please exercise some self-control and do not view these threads. Some of us think the stuff here is entertaining!

  8. No porn or nudity. This includes in Signatures, Avatars, Galleries or in posts. You are responsible for what you post! No Exceptions. Questionable material will be deleted.

  9. Please mark threads “NSFW” (Not Safe for Work) where appropriate. If it is not done the thread will be deleted or the title modified at the Moderators discretion. For those needing clearer definition: NSFW = Wouldn’t want either my Employer, Kids, or Spouse to see it and other board members don’t want theirs to see it either.

  10. Posting to the classified section is a benefit, not your sole purpose in our Internet community. We require a minimum of 10 posts to be able to post in the classified section.

    1. There will be no auction style selling here - If you post an item for sale and it says anything like "I will take the highest offer" it will be removed. If you want to run an auction, take it to eBay. There must be an asking price for each and every item you are selling. Saying for best offer is allowed but only with an asking price.

    2. Add Details and pictures to your for sale threads - Please take some time and add as much detail as possible. Describe your item in the title, the more details the better. Post an asking price, easy to find, not just lost in the paragraph of description. Each item should have it's own asking price, then you can negotiate from there. No make me an offer threads, these will be removed. The more details you can give the better chance you will have of selling... i.e. color, size, year, make, model, mileage, damage, etc., etc. Post up the most current pictures possible, these are a must have. Your potential buyers will not want to buy your items if they can not see them. Make sure to take pictures from every possible angle. If you are selling a bike, you must post a picture showing the actual mileage on your odometer. This is absolutely a must have if you are selling a bike. There is no such thing as too many pictures! Again, your potential buyers want to see what you are selling. If you do not post up the required pictures your thread will be removed...no exceptions.

    Please be respectful of others trying to sell in the classified section. If you are not interested in buying the item, Do Not Post on That Thread! Moderators will clean out posts on threads upon request from the Seller/Thread Starter.

  11. Businesses are not allowed to advertise their products or services in the classified section. Please contact us at rsinfo@redlinesuperbike.com if you wish to become a sponsor. We offer many programs to fit your budget.

  12. We reserve the right to move or delete topics that do not adhere to the rules above.

  13. We reserve the right to ban a forum user that continually ignores the rules above.

  14. We reserve the right to modify or add to these rules as Redline Superbike sees fit at anytime.


Originally Posted by jgreen View Post
Of course when a reasonable counterpoint to your unreasonable complaint is given, you "don't want to argue about it anymore".
"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." -- Albert Einstein

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